Beyond the Sea.

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics

Tender No. ESLSE/COR/NEG/PRF/2024/01247

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics would like to invite interested and eligible bidders for the supply of Different types uniform and safety clothes Procurement, upon fulfilling of the following terms and conditions.

  • 1. Bidders who engage in the sector shall present renewed trade licenses, trade registration certificates, VAT registration, current tax clearance certificates, TIN certificates, and supplier list registration certificates
  • 2. To access the tender document bidders shall register on our enterprise supplier list by using the link or register in person at ESL Head Office 10th floor procurement department upon fulfilling trade license certificate and TIN (Taxpayer Registration Certificate) If bidders are foreigners, shall present business registration certification from the country of establishment starting from the date of this announcement.
  • 3. The bid shall be valid for the period of 45 days after the system bid closing date.
  • 4. Bidder shall submit bid security in person before bid closing time at the Head Office of the enterprise's 10th-floor procurement department and the amount of the bid security 50,000 (Fifty hundred thousand) birr in the types of acceptable bid security. The type of acceptable bid security is: - unconditional bank guarantee or cash payment order (CPO). The bid security shall be valid for twenty-eight days (28) beyond the end of the validity period of the Bid Proposal. Which shall be remained valid for a period of 45 days + 28=73
  • 5. To create a better understanding of the bid document ESL will hold pre bid conference with all bidders on the 10th date of the floating of the bid by the newspaper or by the next working day at ESL head office 10th floor procurement department
  • 6. The deadline for bid submission is date and time of ERP System.
  • 7. Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise reserves the right to accept or reject the bids partially or totally.

For more information please call Tele 011-554-9781/86