Vessels Discharging History at Djibouti Port

Vessel Name Total Cargo/Mts Last 24 Hours Discharge/mts Latest Discharge Date Total Cargo Discharged/Mts ROB/Mts ETC ETD Remark
MV Bonneville4640602020-07-12464060completed and sailed out
MV POPI S5000002020-06-08500000Completed & Departed
MV Scarlet lady4615502020-06-02461550completed discharging operation
MV ANDROMACHE4748602020-03-23474860completed and sailed out
Mv Cpt Georgios s5000002020-03-13500000completed and sailed out
MV COMMON HORIZON4274302020-03-13427430completed and sailed out
MV LBC GREEN4609002020-02-28460900completed and sailed out
MV VILLA DESTE4664602020-02-10466460completed and sailed out
mv Alam manis4500002019-12-17450000completed and sailed out
MV BELINDA OBN5000002019-12-05500000completed and sailed out
MV Valovine4935002019-11-01493500completed and sailed out
M/V ERIETTA 2nd5500002019-10-23550000completed and sailed out
M/V GLOBAL BRAVE4850002019-10-21485000completed and sailed out
M/V Mandarin Trader4915002019-10-16491500completed and sailed out
M/V ERA -S4568002019-09-30456800completed and sailed out
M/V TRANSTIME5350002019-09-29535000completed and sailed out
M/V Medi Perth5315002019-09-27531500completed and sailed out
M/V AGGELIKIB4960902019-09-16496090completed and sailed out
M/V GH Sea Bird5227002019-09-12522700completed and sailed out
M/V ERIETTA5284902019-08-27528490completed and sailed out