Kaizen Philosophy at ESL

The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise is more than half a century old big company playing its indispensable role in the development of the nation transporting its import and export goods for more than five decades and more.

Implementing a quality and productivity improvement management philosophy, Kizen, that the Japanese formulated and shared to other countries, ESL is able to record objective changes since January 2017 at Kality Inland Transport branch office. Unsuitable working place, the increment of garage scraps, wastage of enterprise resources and other similar ergonomical problems were the main reason for implementation of Kaizen philosophy.

The implementation of this philosophy at Kality inland transport branch office has enabled the maintenance of various non-functional machineries and renewed for use and this curbed the unnecessary costs to be expended for spare parts and saved 23 million birr.

Moreover selling tyres, spare filtros, and batteries that have been unduly stored for 20 years and not in use, and creating favorable working conditions the branch has earned 11 million birr. Among the results the branch is able to score include, the saving of 40 million birr that were to be expended unnecessary for non-value adding items.

Generally besides creating a good working environment, Kizen has made the branch’s service delivery efficient and cost effective and the implementation is taken as a best practice to be propagated at other offices.